Monday, September 08, 2008

A joke called Project6xn - Nokia N96

When Apple was launching its iPhone, Nokia decided to steal its thunder - They prelaunched Nokia N96! Wow! What a great strategy! 

The only problem is that I dont understand what a pre-launch means - Does it mean you release photos / specs of a product? Or show a dummy of the product? 

I think what it all meant was to tell people not to burn their hard earned money over iPhone (which I think is right way of thinking considering it has a 2 MP camera, and you cannot take videos, and cannot forward a picture over Bluetooth to your friend) - And no.. you cannot send MMS to your friend too - Please send your photo as an email - Thank you!

Coming back to Nokia N96, they decided to launch a webpage that would grab the attention of high end mobile users! Enter - You have to register as a new detective, and after verifying your email, you can do something. (Btw, I never got through email verification - And yes, I checked my bulk mail folder!)

Then there was a couple of days for launch.. (By Aug mid) - I was pretty excited! And, on the D day, the website showed 7 more days (unless the website went through a worm hole and time warped, it couldn't gain time!) - A few more days later, believe me it showed 10 days more to launch!

I couldnt contain my excitement! Time was flowing in the opposite direction! (I now know that the total entropy of the Universe was decreasing, since the time is supposed to flow from a low entropy to high entropy state. I am surprised major cosmologists have not noticed it)

And then, when the project slipped further, the time became negative. Please look at the screenshot above.

The first stanza of Mandukya Upanishad says - 'Om is everything. Om is Past, Present and Future. It is also beyond all these three'. (How can something not be in one of Past / Present / Future? The Upanishad hints that for the Almighty, time is nothing a but one of multitude of dimensions, and hence time does not define 'Om' completely)

I am severely moved by this Nokia website competing with Om for it truly transcends time (I am getting emotional here)

Nokia! For HEAVEN'S SAKE stop this joke. And remove the website. It is all but an eye sore. (I am sure I shouldn't be doing this.. but let me quickly check the website if the phone has launched... 

Holy Crap! @#@$#$$#%$%^$ )

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