Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome!

I just happened to stumble across the Google Chrome comics

And also the official Google blog entry:

Boy, am I excited!!! Based on the comic, I can see that Google is taking the browser in the right direction. It may stand to benefit from the whole stuff, but still!

I think google's idea of using popular ideas of computer operating systems in a browser is pretty cool. What we get is time tested techniques in a new platform (browser). None of the ideas are like earth-shatteringly new, but it makes a real innovative mind (or lots of them) to come up with a new browser grounds up like this! Javascript VM implementation that compiles to native in the browser, is quite radical though.

It takes great guts and spirit to open source the entire browser and the entirely new V8 Javascript .

Google Chrome is not available for download (yet), but going by what is there in the comic, I think this a great step forward for the entire web programming domain as a whole! I'll sure check it out tomorrow, when it launches!

Hats off, Google!

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