Friday, April 24, 2009

Mahaganapathim Manasa Smarami

There are 32 forms of Sri Ganapathi also known as Ganesha and fondly called as 'Pillaiyar' in Tamil (தமிழ்)

Ganesha s also called Vinayaka - Nayaka means Hero / Leader and Vi means without. There is not further hero / leader to Vinayaka because He is the Supreme!

He is one of my favorite deities who responds in a trice to all His devotees, even if they don't ask for help explicitly to Him! He is considered by many as the primary deity of the Hindu pantheon.

I was listening to 'Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami' set in Nattai ragam and Rupaka Talam and composed by the Genius - Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar.

Sri Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami

In the first line of the pallavi, Sri Dikshitar asks his mind (manasa) to think / remember (smarami) about the (glory of) Sri Maha Ganapathi.

Vasishta Vamadevadi Vandita (Maha Ganapathim)
Sri Ganesha is extolled to praised by great Rishis like Sri Vashishta and Sri Vamadeva.

"Sri Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami
Vashishta Vamadevadi Vandita

Oh Mind! Please meditate on the glory of Sri Maha Ganapathi, who is extolled by Sri Vashishta and Sri Vamadeva"

Mahadeva Sutam
Lord Shiva is the Supreme(Maha) of Gods(Deva) - Lord Ganesha is His Son (sutam)

His younger brother Guruguha (or Kartikeya or Murugan) always praises His brother. The term Guruguha is also the signature (mudra) of Sri Dikshitar. [There is a deep link between Sri Subrahmanya / Murugan and Sri Dikshitar - I'll discuss it sometime later]

Marakoti Prakasham
Of all devas, Manmatha / Mara (Cupid) is claimed to be the most beautiful one. But, here Ganesha shines (prakasham) like koti/crore (10 million) Maras! (mara koti) - Sri Ganesha's form should be a delight to behold!

Sri Ganesha is also the epitome of peace. Shantam (peace) is His Nature.

Mahakaavya Natakadhi priyam
Sri Ganapati takes a strong liking (priyam) to great literature (maha kaavya) and drama (nataka). May be that's why he volunteered to be a scribe for Mahabharata when Vyaasa was set to compose it.

Mooshika Vahana
The Big Elephant has a small mouse (mooshika) as his mount (vahanam) - The mooshika was actually an Asura named 'Kayamukhasura' who had the blessing of immortality from Shiva. When the asura turned evil, He defeated Him and changed him to a mouse and made him His Vahanam.

Modhaka Priyam
Modhakam is a kind of sweet also called 'kozhukkattai' (கொழுக்கட்டை) in Tamil. Ganesha loves this sweet - So, it is traditional to offer this sweet to Him on Ganesha Chaturtthi.

I have no idea why this song doesn't have Charanam. May be the experts who know can share it with us all.

May Sri Maha Ganapathi bless us all!