Friday, January 31, 2014

Kandhar Anubhuti

"ஆடும் பரி, வேல், அணிசேவல் எனப்
பாடும் பணியே பணியா அருள்வாய்"

This should be prayer for devout Hindus who pray Sri Subrahmanya! Kandhar Anubhuti is truly one of the BEST works in Tamil Literature. I was blessed enough to learn this when I was in US in early 2000s from Meena gave me a cassette with recording of Sri TKS (who was no more then) and I used to listen this continuously till I memorized it.

I have been fascinated by how it is even possible for humans to bring out something as beautiful as this. It is only the direct Grace of Lord Subrahmanya which enabled Sri Arunagirinathar  to create Kandhar Anubhuti - This is evident verse 17:

யாம் ஓதிய கல்வியும், எம் அறிவும்
தாமே பெற, வேலவர் தந்ததனால்

All the knowledge and intelligence is granted to one by Lord Subrahmanya in His own volition (ZERO credits for any other reason)

If there is ONE work that alone is enough to take a person to liberation, give health, wealth and in the end give final Union (Anubhuti) the Supreme Lord, it is Kandhar Anubhuti.

Lord Subrahmanya is always with Meena, Sankar and family for they are some of the most beautiful souls who come to share joy and peace in this world. I am so happy Meena is uploading Periappa's (Shri TKS') Thiruppugazh renderings. This page needs to be bookmarked, subscribed to, and regularly consumed by all devotees of the Lord.

And, this is the link for the Kandhar Anubhuti recording: - கந்தர் அநுபூதி

[Edit: 16/02 - Started a blog on Kandhar Anubhuti. Please check it out -]

PS:- (Long Footnote)
Sahana (Sankar / Meena's second daughter) was about year old then, and once was crying when I was in their California residence. Meena carried her and sang something very beautiful. Sahana stopped crying! After Meena put Sahana back in the cradle, we walked away, and I asked Meena what that song was - My knowledge of scriptures was (is) severely lacking. Meena said it was Kandhar Anubhuti. I requested her to teach that to me, and she did. She also gave me the cassette with the recording of this by Sri TKS.

Ironically (for me), I used to stay 200m from where Shri TKS, Shri Lakshmanan (Meena's father) stayed, and TKS used to conduct Thiruppugazh classes when I was a kid. Never did it strike me that I could have learnt from the Genius himself. One should have accrued a lot of Good Karma for such ideas to strike :-)

After Meena gave me the cassette, I listened to the song in a Sony Walkman (ha ha ha - Remember those?) continuously for a couple of weeks till I memorized the 51 stanzas.

From then on, the song is quite famous at least with people with new born kids who cry :-) It has a magical effect of controlling kids who tend to turn quiet and sleep esp if they are cranky.

That's my story of learning Kandhar Anubhuti, and is one of the best things to happen to me.


Meena Sankaran said...

Thanks for promoting the thirupugazh page like this Sriram. The more people it reaches, the better so thanks a ton for your rock solid support. And ahem, ahem....I take a bow and all the credit :-) for the monumental task of giving you periappa's cassette to learn Anubudhi. You are the one person in this family that can understand what Arunagirinadar says. We are all just singing it without a clue so enlighten us with more posts on thirupugazh meaning when you find the time, ok?

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

Ha ha .. Trust you to downplay all your contributions :) - As you say, so shall I do! Let's get started on the KA blog!

Ram said...

Kandhar Anuboothi is a very unique epithet in its own way. All compositions ultimately pray the Lord for gnana pradhaanam by invoking Guru's Grace. But Kandhar Anuboothi invokes the blessings of Shri Guru by seeking the help of Lord Valleshaa.. :)

So its always unique....

Truly a very rare epithet which everyone should know, atleast its inner purport...

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

Ram Sir, Totally agree - It is one of the few works which over flow with Bhakti, Gnaana, Yoga, Mantra and Tantra.

Everyone should try to know atleast a bit of it.