Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It just doesn't work in India

Few years ago, I was asking one of my sisters (cousin) in US what is great about US? She told me that she doesn't have to worry about basic stuff (like electricity, water, milk etc) - This was a big deal then.

I now think it is such a pain to do anything in India. May be it is one of my rare mood swings. But, I am sure something is wrong.

1. Yahoo India Small Business - Don't even try touching this with a long pole if you can. Avoid it like plague. We have been having a series of missed emails from CUSTOMERS!! When I logged a complain to YSB, there is not even an acknowledgement from them. Now I found their call center number, and when I talk to them, they were the rudest, and the lady thinks I am dud. I have been working in Internet technologies and software since 1996. I pity non-tech guys who have to interact with their call center.

2. Tata Indicom Photon+ - I took this mobile broadband connection service. It did not work initially, because they had not done their address verification. I hate terrorists. They blow up some place and everyone suffers. All addresses to be validated despite giving address proof 'personally' by Tata personnel. I made a few frantic calls, and finally it started working after a couple of days. Now, I haven't got the bill and they stopped my connection. My parents got a cryptic call telling that my payment was due. They did not listen when we tried to say that we haven't received the bill yet.

3. Curse of Follow-up - NOTHING WORKS without followup. I have been running around a range of people to whom I pay money get stuff done. The sad part is that I need to follow it up meticulously. What a waste of time and effort? I was thinking how much more productive I would be if I don't have to follow-up anything. Nobody takes OWNERSHIP. Nobody cares! Ownership is when people take up responsibilities and take effort to close the loop. VP of my previous employer's favorite term was 'closure' - I love that term. Sad that there is no one else with these values.

There are a few more points, but it doesn't matter I guess. I just vented our all my pent up frustrations. I'll peacefully go back to work now. :-)


dhvanii said...

Yo SV.. don't worry, with all the customer service outsourcing things here are looking pretty bad as well these days. I shudder to call any service toll free numbers these days to be put on hold by a Dave, or Sandra and some weird accents. They think I am a dud just like in your case. I completely agree with you that there is a total lack of ownership and sincerity towards ones profession.

Jeeka said...


It's the difference between just earning a livelihood and taking pride in your work.. Unfortunately in India, I have mostly encountered only people earning a living.. I'm sure there are a lot of instances of the same here in the US as well, just the law of averages.. or maybe we feel it more coz we expect more from the motherland :)

Unknown said...

Welcome dude! i faced the same with tata indicom guys. I paid money for a cdma connection and it never turned up. I had to run behind them at the end to settle saying i did not have valid address proof. BTW i got ration card on the same address proof.

Priya said...

"Closure" is the single largest problem with most Indians at all levels (including our Govt.). One of the most irritating things is that, at least earlier you could talk directly to one of the personnel of the company/bank/... involved. Now you only get to a third party call center, and u speak to a different person each time which effectively ensures u're always at square 1. :( I remember getting really frustrated similarly when I had to cancel my Citibank account. Finally had to go to the bank directly, convince the front desk (literally fight with them) to get to meet the manager to get the a/c cancelled.


Badri said...

I agree. sometimes went through these frustrations.. I think its because ppl don;t take pride in what they do and our level of expectation for any service is not more than what we expect from our politicians.. :-(..

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

@boss: Sure! I am not worrying now. I think lot of frustrations pent up over time..

@Jeeka: Definitely, people at best are perfunctory. There is no pride!

@Venkat: Just imagine! We pay the money and run behind these morons for service.

@Priya: There is no such thing as closure unless there is boss like our Venkat :-)

@Badri: Sadly true :-( - We take things lying down