Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Space, time and relativity - Part 3

I really should be sleeping now :-) - But, I thought I'd write this part and then go to sleep. 

I should call this part - 'Illusion of Time' 

I said space and time varies whenever you move. (There are other questions like how do you define 'not moving' :-) - For e.g., I could be sitting in a couch but am moving very fast along with earth! But these questions, I'll save for later or leave it to you for pondering - What is meant by absolute rest?)

How does time vary with speed? Actually, time slows for the person who is traveling. As I have mentioned before, if you have two accurate stop clocks with a huge resolution, and you decide to go around travelling while your friend stands still, when you meet him again, you'll definitely find that you spent less 'time' - i.e., your stop watch will show less time than your friend who is standing! [I find this result so amazing and unbelievable!]

I don't want to get into the math of how time varies when you start moving. (Not that I remember it well :-) ) - For the object / person moving at the speed of light, time stands still. i.e. If you are traveling at light-speed your stopclock will stop ticking while your friend's will be ticking in all glory!

I want you to imagine how it feels when your time stops. Only yours. 

Assume you are going around the earth in light speed - For people and animals on earth, time keeps passing. Time flows from the past, to the present and to the future. For you, time doesn't pass. You keep staring at people being born, living and finally, kicking the Holy Bucket. While these events seem to be separated by time for those people, for you, all these things happen at the same time! You see people's past, present and future all at once. 

For you, every 'event' (if I can call it so) happens in the 'Now' - There is no past nor future for you. Only Presence. How can you not know the past nor the present nor the future, since you are seeing it *ALWAYS*?

You'll seem to know everything - Right from when I'll get my Audi R8 to Sachin Tendulkar's cricket record when he retires in the future. You'll know how I fell into a gutter few days ago and how I felt happy when no one noticed! My (and everyone's) past and future are your Presence. (Present Tense)

You will concur with Mandukya Upanishad when it thunders in its first verse that God is beyond Past, Present and Future. 

As you slow down, time seems to catch up with you. When you think you've traveled for hardly a second, when you land back in earth, it is 29000 AD. Almost 27000 years since you left. You have no friend and there are strange structures in places where your house and your garden stood. 

You really get frustrated and decide to go back to watching things. You decide to become The Witness.

You go back to traveling at light speed. You are One with God. You are God.

-------------------------------- The End ------------------------------

PS:- That is the end of the revelation I got last Friday midnight while thinking about Einstein's Special Theory of relativity. For people who give a sigh of relief, I'll want to tell you that this is the end of the revelation and not my writing :-) - You have more to grieve

As appendix, I'll write more - Esp on How almost entire Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy can fit into this, along with teachings of the current Masters like Eckhart Tolle. If you think only Time is an illusion, I'll be glad to update you that 'Space' is also an Illusion :-) [Appendix - I] - 

After this series, I'll try not to go to Philosophy and stick to Physics and Maths (I'll try my best, but, you know, I can't promise that!)

Btw, I have '0' comments in my blog - THAT'S TRUE! Not a single comment for any of my articles! So, please pass on your esteemed comments :-)  - Otherwise, I'll keep writing!


Mali..ZETA.. said...

nice one..very good take on relativity..with examples...hmm...can you suggest something for further reading?with bit of math also i wudn't mind...

Unknown said...

wow mama just read the 3 parts
can u belive it that i actually got it?? but ok..tats just bcoz we just finished analysing relativity piece by piece in class for almost 3 whole weeks
but if we forget TAT..i got it!!
but was awesome..
bcoz im in AP LAng, and we analyse rhetorical styles of writing for an entire year , please put up with this:
u had humor in it which made the article interesting even to a layman.u mentioned Audi, which is the car owned by one of the vampires in twilight, therefoe, the article also appeals to teenagers..the style was succcint yet not abrupt. in all, great use of rhetorical devices
ok sorry mama..Had to get tat out..been doing tat for every sentence and essay and speech and WORD i have come across since i start english this year
and as for the content was extremely fascinating..ur paradox...and u explained it really well
looking forward 2 more...
request: a blog on string theory and 11 dimensions???

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

For further reading I'd strongly recommend 'The Elegant Universe' and 'The Fabric of Cosmos' by Brian Greene. These two books are awesome. I also liked 'The Universe in a Nutshell' by Stephen W Hawking.

For math regarding these subjects, the best on is 'The Road to Reality' by Roger Penrose :-) [I am still in early stages of this book :-(]

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

You are analyzing the language very well [I am really getting scared! :-D]

I never meant to write it in any style. (Rhetorical etc :-)) - You might overtake your mom in English soon!

Regarding Audi, I am glad that my aspirations are in line with the Vampires (LOL)

I am glad you liked it :-) - I remembered our discussions when I wrote this. I'll get the next one on String Theory and 11 dimensions - I'll just have to wait for my midnight revelations :-) [Which might be soon :-D]

Ram said...

Hi Sriram,

Nice series of posts.:) I find this realm where religion and science come together to explain each other extremely attractive. As a note aside, dont you think though that the present and 'reality' as we see it everyday needs to fit in here somehow? In an effort to make sense of everything that we see, know and read and learn, to put it all into one capsule of understanding, it requires reality to be broken down and fit in too right?
And about the paradox, well "seeing", as we know it , becomes difficult when you're travelling at the speed of light does it not? Space and the objects in it are 'visible' to us because they reflect light. How can your eyes catch reflected light when travelling at its same speed? Much like blurry images of stationary objects outside a train while u are inside. And then there's the question of direction too. I have come across this theory of travelling at the speed of light in order to travel through time before. But many theoretical questions like those ive asked above still linger, at least in my head. Hence, maybe the human senses as such lose their utility at such speeds. An inability to comprehend may even cause madness!
And although this might be one of the qualities of God, dont you think there needs to be more to him? Powers that allow him to USE and APPLY this ability to escape time?

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

Thanks for your comments!

I should have mentioned that 'seeing' the world is not physical. It is observing or being conscious. May be I'll clarify it one of the posts that I am planning as the appendices to these 3 posts.

It is truly not possible to travel at the speed of light because Physics and math prevent you :-) - You need to be of infinite mass and hence you need infinite energy to be launched at light speed.

m = m0 / SQRT(1 - ((v*v) / (c*c)))

m = mass of the body
m0 = mass of the body when it was at rest
v = velocity of the body while traveling
c = velocity of light

so, when v = c, denominator becomes 0 and mass becomes infinite!

So, only God can travel at light speed. But, he has to travel at light speed :-)

Post your other questions too! I'll see if I can tackle them in future posts!

Ram said...

My knowledge of Hindu scriptures as such is very poor. Next to nothing actually :).
Going by purely Scientific knowledge, we can from your proof above, say that God has to be massless. Right? The images of God (idols and humanised images) are thus tough to relate to.
Taken at the level of origin, God for most races and religions represents all those 'forces' that are beyond human control, understanding and comprehension. Nevertheless, HE is definitely a 'force'. A form of 'energy' if you will. And we as a people revere HIM and pray to this force for good things to happen to us. What is praying? What is meditation? It is a diversion of our consciousness and our mental energies towards that one thing we're praying for. It is a focus of our mental energy towards a goal. We know for a fact that focussing our energies towards achieving something actually works in the real world/everyday world. Why shouldnt this, at a higher level be the 'answer' that 'God' provides for his greatest 'devotees'? People who pray the deepest. Who focus their energies best. If you look at it this way, God also plays the role of the focal point, the image upon which to focus your energies.
I dont know if that makes a whole lot of sense to you, but the concept I am trying to bring out here is that God is energy. There are many indications now that energy may exist in more forms than we know in the universe (eg.dark matter). And there is a growing acknowledgement also, of another concept of the unified consciousness. A level of consciousness at which every human being is connected to one another, and their minds intermingle. Maybe thats the consciousness of the so-called 'atma' but I must say, I do not know what the Atma stands for according to the scriptures. So put these two together.. the concept of God being energy, and the concept of a universal consciousness and there emerges another concept that maybe, "the combined energies of all the humans (i would prefer to refer to them as souls or atmas in this context) taken on the plane of universal consciousness is God".
Some of these concepts also support otherwise dark and scientifically unproven areas such as hypnotism, voodoo, psychokinesis and even if i may say so, the experiences of people under the influence of hallucenogenic drugs. Food for thought : Why is Lord Shiva associated so much with Cannabis and other hallucenogens? In what way could this association have possibly emerged? Between one of the greatest Hindu Gods and a drug thats illegal in the world today?

Sriram Venkateswaran Iyer said...

Your are thinking deeply and asking truly fundamental questions like 'How does Prayer work?' etc.

You also seem to be in doubt of worship of 'Images or Idols' of God. In Bhagawat Geeta, Lord Sri Krishna clearly says that both modes are equally good. He also adds that praying to the Formless 'nirguna Brahman' is very difficult than praying to God in Form.

I don't believe God is Formless. How can the God 'not' have something. All the forms that we see are also reflections of the Infinite.

I also believe that there are rituals that one can do to harm others in a Physical plane. I have read enough theory to be sure that these techniques exist.

Also, the term 'Shiva' is often misused and attributed to these drugs. It is a gross misrepresentation of Shiva by a certain group. Just like 'Hare Krishna HAre Ram' in the song 'Dum maro dum'...

Btw, I really like your offbeat thinking and energy in your writing. Please keep thinking and keep writing!