Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sri Krishna

There are regular people, and then there are people who test the limits. 

As for as this Universe is concerned, (with no offense to anyone else), the limit with which Divinity can express in a form, IMHO is Sri Krishna. 

Ishwarah Paramah Krishna:
Satchidananda Vigrah: |
An-Adir Adir Govindah:
Sarva Kaarana Kaaranam ||

Limit of Divinity is Krishna
He is Absolute 'Truth - Consciousness - Bliss' in Form
He is Govinda, One without Beginning or End
He is The Cause of all Causes.

Law of Karma or even the Third Law of Newton says Every Action has a cause. (An action is a reaction to some event)  - When you keep tracing back, everything traces back to the Initial Cause - This Cause is Sri Krishna. 

People who are exposed to Carnatic music will know that when the pitch of the tones increase, it is called 'Aarohanam' and when it decreases, it is 'Ava'rohanam. So when the Unknown Divine, decides to 'Come Down', it is called an 'Avatar'. Avatar is now an English word, which means 'Another form' - But this is not technically the true sense of the word. To take an Avatar means, to step down (or) descend to a Form. 

Sri Krishna was a Purna Avatar - i.e. A complete Avatar. He took His Form with all His Original Glories. When such an Avatar is around, miracles are a daily event. 

I have always wondered how it would feel to be Sri Krishna - Absolute Power with No restraints. 

Whenever Sachin Tendulkar is at the crease, batting, I see every ball with trepidation. I am afraid if he would be out. He is truly a Hero, but fear is there in my mind.

However, if there is one hero whom I can count on to succeed everytime, it should be Sri Krishna. He simply never loses or fails.

Whenever I get time, I'll try to reflect on His Life, His Teachings. They have brought solace to me whenever I was in trouble - It should undoubtedly help you too! 

Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu!


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Madhu said...

Now Avatar also means a really weird wildly fantastic 3D movie featuring alien-like creatures :P :P